Want to know what resources a yoga teacher uses to teach? Here are 3 of favorite books I use to teach yoga.

27.03.2022 BY thebreathingteacher


1) “Good Morning Yoga” by Mariam Gates:

Great to use in the morning with your kids. Sets them up nicely for the day by providing stretching, movement, all while cueing the breath for the kiddos. “I breathe in, I breathe out,” sets an anchor the kids come back to on each page.

2) “I am Yoga” by Susan Verde:

I love this story because it is filled with positive affirmations for students to say to themselves. It offers poses for students to do as you read the affirmation, and I typically will ask my students to repeat some of them. My favorite line is “I can stand up for me, I can stand up for others, I can stand up for Peace.” It takes students through a journey of the self, to serve others, and then for the greater peace of the planet.

3) “Yoga Friends” by Mariam Gates:

Students (no matter the age) absolutely LOVE partner yoga. They get to interact with each other, stretch their bodies together, and I also use this opportunity to teach about consent. I always tell my students they should never assume someone else wants to be touched, and to always ask first.